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The Industry's ONLY Enterprise-grade Software Suite designed specifically for Water Meter Testing.

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MARS M3 Water Meter Management Enterprise Software

What is M3?

Utilizing the latest technologies available, MARS created the MARS Meter Management System decades ago to allow for ease of testing water meters. The latest version of M3 makes it even easier to test, calalog, and analyze collected meter data while maintaining accuracy.

Automated Control

MARS Test Systems are controlled by the M3 software.

Built-in Compliance

AWWA M6 Standards Compliant with calibration reminders.

Easy to Use

M3 is designed to walk the user through a meter test step by step.

Proven Benefits of M3


Revenue Recovery

Understanding how your meters perform in the field will allow you to reduce unaccounted for water in your system.


Improve Efficiency

Run Unmanned Tests to increase efficiency and reduce errors.


Increase Confidence

Expedite Customer Service Inquiries and generate custom reports for legal litigation.


Simplify Operations

M3 is designed to walk the user through the testing process, assuring the proper process is followed.



System can be applied to one or many benches, requiring little downtime as your meter test program grows.


Reduce Paperwork

Information is stored in a SQL database and reporting/management interfaces are available over the network.

Optional Software Module Features & Benefits

M3 Scale and Control Module

Scale & Control

doneFull Color, Multi-Touch Display for 
        Increased Ease of Use

doneAdvanced Interpretation of 
        Weight Transmitter Data

doneCompatible with Avery Weightronix & 
        Other Scales

doneEnhanced Control for Other 
        External Systems

doneOptional Water Temperature Correction
        to Ensure Accuracy

doneRemote, Online Software Updates

doneRemote Diagnostics

doneExpandable, Modular Design

M3 Connectivity Module


doneEnhanced Interface for 
        Multi-Bench Configurations

doneiPad (included) for Wireless Remote 
        Access & Easy Data Entry

doneLocal & Remote Web Browser Interface 
        for Administration & Reporting

doneMulti-User, Role-Based Access to 
        Program and Database

doneNative Handheld Tablet Support

doneWPA2 Secure Wireless Connection

doneData Local & Remote Single Admin

doneMulti-Bench, Single Network Database

M3 Custom Test and Reporting Module

Custom Test & Reporting

doneImproved Custom Test Capability

doneExpanded Data Backup Capability

doneAutomated Test Filtering

doneReports Generation Enhancement

doneExport Multiple Reports with 
        Custom Filtering

doneBatch Export - Historical Data

doneEnhanced Testing Protocols

doneAuto-Filter Meter Drop Down

doneFormats: .docx, .pdf, .xlsx

doneSelf-Check Option During Test

doneIndividual Meter Reporting Capability

MARS M3 Water Meter Management Enterprise Software

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