Reduce Liability Exposure with MARS Maintenance Calibration Certification (MCC)

Municipalities have exposure for the things that they say and do or fail to say or do. This includes performing the actual testing and how their operators relay to their customers the proper testing protocols when testing the accuracy of water meters under dispute.

The impact of human error on organizations is far-reaching in terms of productivity, customer service, quality, teamwork, decision-making, execution, injury, and loss.

MARS Calibration Certification

Who We Are

Since 1986, MARS Company has been an innovator in water meter testing and technology services. Our core competencies of Accuracy, Reliability, and Traceability, are the foundation on which we build sustainable revenue recovery solutions for municipal and private utilities around the world. From our Patented Test Bench Systems and M3 Enterprise Software to our field testing equipment and in-house testing services, MARS has you covered for all your water meter testing needs, no matter the size or budget.