MARS Company Launches New and Enhanced Version 2.2 Enterprise-Grade Software Solution for Water Meter Testing

M3 2017 Version 2.2 Enterprise Software Suite Includes Key Feature and Performance Enhancements

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OCALA, Fla., June 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – MARS Company, global leader in water meter testing and technology solutions, announced today that it has launched a new, enhanced version of M3 Enterprise Software Suite, the industry’s leading enterprise-grade software solution designed specifically for the waterworks industry. M3 2017 Version 2.2 Enterprise Software Suite enhancements include:

  • System Performance Improvements for Increased Speed and Efficiency
  • Enhanced Operational Control for the Mobile Truck Mount System
  • Comprehensive Data Export Capability
  • Additional Data Search and Filtering Capabilities to Increase Productivity
  • Increased Reporting and Auditing Capabilities
  • Dynamic, Real-time User Interface Display Enhancements
  • View and Report Progressive Test Results Prior to Full Test Cycle Completion
  • Enhanced, SCADA-Compliant Core Architecture Capability
  • Software Bug Fixes to Resolve Programming Anomalies

The new MARS Meter Management (M3) 2017 Enterprise Software Suite is a collection of custom designed software packages allowing customers to easily harness the power of software and technology. It provides both new and existing customers with the ability to capture valuable meter testing data based on their individual meter testing programs. Custom reporting, extensive data exporting features, and browser-based access allow multiple departments to have the power of data analytics to improve customer service, implement operational improvements, and make informed purchasing decisions.

The M3 2017 Enterprise Software Packages are designed to be a modular and scalable software solutions enabling customers to only purchase what they need, when they need it. The Software Suite is comprised of the Core Platform Software and two optional software packages: (i) the Advanced Connectivity Module, and (ii) the Custom Test, Reporting & Export Module.

The Core Platform Software is available in three configurations: (i) Large test bench, (ii) Mobile truck tester, and (iii) Medium & small test bench. Key features of the Core Platform Software include:

  • Core Platform Software
    • Runs Unmanned Tests to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Errors
    • Integration with Other Enterprise Network Systems (i.e. ERP Systems) uses the API-Based Architecture
    • Designed to be used with Handheld Tablet Devices for Ease of Data Input
    • Automated Operation Eliminates Operator Errors
    • Expedites Customer Services Inquiries
    • Generate Custom Reports for Legal Litigation
    • Easy for IT to Manage
    • AWWA M6 Standards Compliant
    • Windows Compatibility – Win7/8/10+
    • Optional Multi-Bench Support with Connectivity Module
    • Standard AWWA M6 Standards Compliant Test Templates

The Software Suite is also comprised of two optional software modules/packages including: (i) Advanced Connectivity Module, and (ii) Custom Test, Reporting & Export Module. Key features of these optional modules include:

  • Advanced Connectivity Module
    • Local & Remote Web Browser Interface for Admin/Reporting
    • Multi-User Role-based access to program and database
    • Native Handheld Tablet Support
    • Local & Remote Single Admin
    • Interface for multi-bench configuration
    • Multi-Bench, Single Network Database
  • Custom Test, Reporting & Export Module
    • Custom Test Capability
    • Individual Meter Reporting Capability
    • Custom Test Run Reporting Capability
    • Extensive Data Export Features

The M3 2017 Enterprise Software is immediately available as an annual subscription, Software-as-a-Service (SAAS), or enterprise perpetual license.

MARS Company will be exhibiting at AWWA 2017 Trade show, June 12-14 in Philadelphia, PA at booth #2225. For more information about MARS Company and its M3 2017 Enterprise Software, please visit

About MARS Company

MARS Company is a global leader in water meter testing and technology solutions. With more than 30 years of experience assisting municipal and private utilities throughout the world, MARS has a long track record of success. MARS core business and expertise include: Patented Water Meter Testing Systems & Software Technology, Innovative AMR/AMI Technology Products and Software Solutions and Water System Specialty Products. Innovative thinking allows MARS to leverage its unique, proprietary technology, patent positioning, manufacturing infrastructure and world-class management strength, to further position itself as the leader in the water industry.

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OCALA, Fla., June 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – MARS Company, global leader in water...