MARS VEROflow Utility Service Analyzers

Field testing meters is easy with MARS VEROflow Utility Service Analyzers!

Revenue Recovery

Understanding how your meters perform in the field will allow you to reduce unaccounted for water in your system.

Increase Confidence

Designed to operate using Volumetric technology and to meet/exceed AWWA and NIST specifications.

Easy to Use

Simplify the verification of water meter accuracy by merely connecting the instrument to the customer’s hose line or test port.


MARS VEROflow-1 (VF-1)

Field testing residential water meters is easy with the MARS VEROflow-1 Utility Service Analyzer. The VEROflow-1 is a precision microprocessor-based test instrument that can measure actual flow rate to within 1/10 GPM. Pulse signals generated by the turbine are magnetically transmitted to the microprocessor, then computed into one of four units of measure and shown on an easily read LCD display.


Simplify the verification of water meter accuracy to within .5% by merely connecting the instrument to the customer’s hose line.

Check both static and flow pressure at the customer’s residence. If any blockage exists, this data will indicate which side of the meter the problem is on. Serve as a rate of flow indicator, line pressure gauge and comparison tester for small meter shops not equipped with a full test bench and calibrated tanks.

The MARS VF-1 Utility Service Analyzer is calibrated on the MARS 5-1000 Water Meter Test Bench, a NIST traceable Test Bench System. All MARS Testing Systems follow recommended parameters for water meter testing and calibration as outlined in the American Water Works Association (AWWA) M6 Manual for Water Meter Testing.

MARS VEROflow-4 (VF-4) Touch

The VEROflow-4 Touch Mobile Meter Testing System is designed for large meter testing in the field of all lengths and types of meters. Maximize manpower with the ability to accurately field test meters – with the new user-friendly touchscreen interface, testing is easier than ever! Based on comparison meter technology, the VEROflow-4 Touch is fully linearized to sixteen points to compensate for inherent test meter accuracy curves with no need for a correction card. The VEROflow-4 Touch, for when testing meters to a higher standard of accuracy and repeatability is required.

MARS is the recognized industry leader for water meter testing equipment of all sizes, residential through commercial.


Directly connect to National Standard Fire Hose coupling threads (2.5”). The meter must be at a full flow of liquid with three feet of straight inlet hose for proper accuracy. The Veroflow-4 must be secured prior to starting test.


Consists of an NIST traceable 3” turbine meter, NIST traceable 3/4” turbine meter, 3” gate valve, 3/4” ball valve and a pressure gauge. Inlet and outlet are equipped with brass National Standard Fire Hose swivel couplings.

Add'l Services

MARS Calibration Certification program provides training, calibration, repair and battery replacement services.  MARS Testing Services offers independent third-party review audits, verifying the accuracy of water meters for legal disputes.

Standard Features and Specifications

Why Calibrate Your VEROflow Device?

Neutral Results

When MARS calibrates your device and provides a Certificate, results are not biased towards the utility or the customer.

Increase Confidence

MARS in-house Test Systems are calibrated and NIST-Traceable. Annual Calibration is recommended for all VEROflow Meter Testing devices.

Reduce Downtime

In addition to calibrating your VEROflow device, MARS also inspects the unit for any other potential issues, including batteries.

Simplify Operations

VEROflow devices are sent to MARS, inspected, calibrated, tested, and returned with certification with optional preventative maintenance performed.

Brochures and Datasheets


Diversified Products Brochure 3.20 MB 746 downloads

MARS Company Diversified Products come in many sizes, lengths and configurations...

VEROflow-1 Datasheet 116 KB 153 downloads

Field testing residential water meters is easy with the Veroflow-1 Utility Service...

VEROflow-4 Touch Datasheet 248 KB 147 downloads

The VEROflow-4 Touch Mobile Meter Testing System is designed for large meter testing...

MARS VEROflow-10 (VF-10) Datasheet 182.65 KB 53 downloads




VEROflow-1 Manual 7.26 MB 240 downloads

Installation and Operating Instructions for MARS Veroflow-1 (VF-1) Meter Tester. ...

VEROflow-4 Manual 1.44 MB 114 downloads

Installation and Operating Instructions for MARS Veroflow-4 (VF-4) Meter Tester. ...

MARS VEROflow-4 Touch Manual 9.83 MB 93 downloads

MARS VEROflow-4 Touch Operations Manual. ...

Press Releases

Is your Water Meter Test System ANSI/AWWA C715-18 Compliant?

MARS Company offers the first and only Test Bench Equipment Upgrade Program, enabling customers to upgrade their existing MARS test bench equipment to comply with the ANSI / AWWA C715-18 industry standard.

Is your Meter Shop Certified?

With MARS Maintenance Calibration Certification (MCC), you can protect both MARS and select third-party equipment with calibration, technical assistance, software upgrades, preventative maintenance, training, spares management, and on-site maintenance.