"Super Tuff" Adjustable Valve Keys

MARS adjustable valve keys come with multiple tips and extend to various lengths

The MARS “Super Tuff” Valve Keys are fully adjustable in 18” increments.  Crews no longer have to carry several keys to the job site, no longer have to worry about using a key that is too long or too short for the job. In addition, the hazards of keys hanging out or over truck beds and theft possibility are eliminated. When not in use, each MARS Adjustable Valve Key folds down to an easy-to-carry compact size to fit in a trunk, under or behind a utility vehicle’s bench seat.

Not only can the valve key be used on a 2” operating nut but the handle has a built-in key for a curb stop. The convenient hand wheel attachment is available on all models and sizes.


  • Sizes: 3.5′-6.5′, 5′-9.5′, and Custom Sizes by Request
  • Material: High-Yield Cold Rolled Steel Tubing
  • Zinc Positive Action Snap-Lock Rings
  • Reflective Tape

Brochures and Datasheets


Diversified Products Brochure 3.20 MB 802 downloads

MARS Company Diversified Products come in many sizes, lengths and configurations...

Valve Key Datasheet 43 KB 106 downloads

The valve key can be used on a 2” operating nut and the handle has a built-in key...

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