MARS ThrustBusters are available in two different discharge angles and mitigate damage to landscaping while keeping the discharge end of the pipe stationary

MARS Company developed the ThrustBuster hose diffuser as a safety device for use with water meter field testers. The ThrustBuster adds an increased level of safety to the operator and surrounding property by eliminating the thrust associated with loose hoses that may lay on the ground.


The ThrustBuster is not a metering device. It’s Primary function is to reduce the force of flowing water from fire hydrants or hose lines. This helps to control soil erosion and to safely direct the flow pattern. The ThrustBuster is recommended for all field-testing and water main flushing operations in which unsecured hoses are used to direct flow.

ThrustBuster 30° Model:
The initial force of water is centered at the base of the ThrustBuster. The law of hydraulics forces the ThrustBuster to remain in place on the ground. This minimizes the movement of both the ThrustBuster and the hose, dramatically reducing the degree of potential injury.

Features & Specifications

  • Prevent Injury From Water Under Pressure
  • Reduces Erosion & Promotes Safety For Fire Hydrants & Unsecured Hoses.
  • Prevents Side Thrust To Hydrants.
  • Test Meters Without Securing Hoses.
  • Fusion Coated In High Visibility Yellow.
  • Available in 30° Up Angle To Protect Surrounding Surfaces.
  • Diffusing Bars Further Reduce The Force Of Water.
  • Available in standard and 30 degree models
  • Material: Schedule 40 Steel 2.5″
  • Fitting: 2.5″ NST Bronze Female Fire Hose Fitting
  • Coating: Type 11 Fusion Nylon Coating
  • Weight: 21 lbs.

Brochures and Datasheets


Diversified Products Brochure 3.20 MB 802 downloads

MARS Company Diversified Products come in many sizes, lengths and configurations...

ThrustBuster Datasheet 85 KB 37 downloads

ThrustBuster adds an increased level of safety to the operator and surrounding property...

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