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VEROflow water meter accuracy test

VEROflow-1 (VF-1)

Field testing residential water meters is easy with the Veroflow-1 Utility Service Analyzer. The Veroflow-1 is a precision microprocessor-based test instrument that can measure actual flow rate to within 1/10 GPM. Pulse signals generated by the turbine are magnetically transmitted to the microprocessor, then computed into one of four units of measure and shown on an easily read LCD display.

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MARS VEROflow water meter accuracy test

VEROflow-4 (VF-4)

The Veroflow-4 Utility Service Analyzer is designed for large meter testing in the field of all lengths and types. Maximize manpower with the ability for accurate in the field testing. Based on comparison meter technology, fully linearized to ten points to compensate for inherent test meter accuracy curves. No need for a correction card. The Veroflow-4, for when testing to a higher standard of accuracy and repeatability is required. MARS is the recognized industry leader for water meter testing equipment of all sizes, residential through commercial. 

Capable of 300PSI/650GPM and available as a cart-mounted unit for easy transportation. 

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MARS Company developed the ThrustBuster hose diffuser as a safety device for use with water meter field testers. The ThrustBuster adds an increased level of safety to the operator and surrounding property by eliminating the thrust associated with loose hoses that may lay on the ground. The initial force of water is centered at the base of the ThrustBuster. The law of hydraulics forces the ThrustBuster to remain in place on the ground. This minimizes the movement of both the ThrustBuster and the hose, dramatically reducing the degree of potential injury. 

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Valve Key

Executive Valve Keys

The MARS “Super Tuff” Valve Keys are fully adjustable in 18” increments. Crews no longer have to carry several keys to the job site, no longer have to worry about using a key that is too long or too short for the job. In addition, the hazards of keys hanging out or over truck beds and theft possibility are eliminated. When not in use, each MARS Adjustable Valve Key folds down to a easy-to-carry compact size to fit in a trunk, under or behind a utility vehicle’s bench seat. 

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Z-Plate Strainers

The Z-Plate design is beneficial to the hydraulics of a water line by canceling the turbulence and providing smooth, laminar flow, thereby reducing the need for the installation of 8 to 10 diameters of straight pipe ahead of the in-line meter. The placement of the Z-Plate Strainer ahead of the in-line meter will maximize revenue and extend the life of the measuring element.  

Available in No-Lead Bronze.  Contact MARS for sizes. 

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Changing out old water meters for new ones can mean changes in water meter sizes. Advancements in water meter design has led to meters leaving Utility Water Departments and Water Meter Shops with gaps in lay lengths to address upon installation. MARS fabricated spools with or without test ports are used as spacers to make up this difference when exact lay lengths are needed. 

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Drill Taps

SuperTuff Drill Taps

MARS “Super Tuff” Drill Taps unique new shape and cutting angle on the drill points provides better alignment during the drilling phase of the operation. An improved manufacturing process has resulted in a reduction of fissures and microscopic irregularities. This means less chance of a crack to start that may cause breakage, a common problem other drill taps suffer. This is the main reason MARS “Super Tuff” Drill Taps are so durable! Less drag means less effort, less time and better life expectancy for the drill tap. 

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Series 100

Series 100 Test Bench

The MARS Company Series 100, Meter Test Bench System makes testing water meters ½” to 2” affordable for meter shops of all sizes. This compact, one-of-a-kind design integrates the famously-rugged MARS fabricated frame into a reduced footprint, while providing this industry unique capability of testing meters up to two inch in size. All this, without the need for electrical or pneumatic supply for extreme portability and affordability.

Available exclusively through Pollardwater. 

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Remote Counter Module RCM-100

Remote Counter Module (RCM-100)

The RCM-100 is a remote primary display with ability to communicate with all types of pulse equipped water & gas meter registers. The customers and meter readers can access the meter reading without having access to the water and/or gas meter itself. It is available in single and dual register models for water, with color coding for hot (red) or cold (blue) water usage. Also, we are pleased to announce our NEW California Certified Natural Gas RCM-100 with green color coding!

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