Water Meter Test Bench Systems

MARS Water Meter Accuracy Test Systems

Water Meter Test Benches

An integral component of modern Water Meter Shops, MARS Test Benches offer an unparalleled level of repeatable accuracy, reduced labor costs, and increased Revenue Recovery.

Wide Range of Sizes

MARS Test Systems can be configured to test water meters from 5/8" to 16".

Automated Testing

Test Systems can be configured to automate many functions to reduce errors.

Fully Compliant

Full compliance with AWWA M6 testing parameters and recommendations.

Software Controlled

Collect data and analyze results with MARS Meter Management Enterprise Software.

Benefits of MARS Test Bench Systems


Revenue Recovery

Understanding how your meters perform in the field will allow you to reduce unaccounted for water in your system.


Reduce Waste

In addition to compressed testing, optional Recirculation Systems reduce water drained to waste.


Increase Confidence

Systems are calibrated and NIST-Traceable by using MARS Certified Maintenance.


Simplify Operations

Automation is available with optional Gravimetric and M3 integrations.

MARS Accuracy Test Bench Recirculation System

Recirculation Systems

Designed for use with every MARS Test Bench System, the Recirculation provides the proper flow and pressure for each meter size configured. MARS Company recommends that each Recirculation System comply with AWWA and ISO standards and recommendations.

Reduce Consumption

As water is recycled through the test system, use of city supply is dramatically reduced along with reducing water dumped to waste.

Reduce Consumption

As water is recycled through the test system, use of city supply is dramatically reduced along with reducing water dumped to waste.

Increase Automation

When used with Gravimetric systems, M3 and the controller automatically select the proper pressure and flowrate for the test.

MARS Mobile Water Meter Accuracy Test System

Mobile Test Systems

To avoid removing service meters for testing, MARS has Mobile Tests Systems designed for accuracy while maintaining NIST-traceable calibration.

Wide Range of Sizes

Systems are designed to test meters from 2" to 12" in the field.

Software Driven

M3 Enterprise Software provides control and stores all collected data.

Flexible Installation

Standard configurations can be mounted in a truck bed, trailer, or in a van.

Is your Meter Shop Certified?

With MARS Maintenance Calibration Certification (MCC), you can protect both MARS and selected third-party equipment with technical assistance, software upgrades, preventative maintenance, spares management and on-site maintenance. Not only is the equipment upkeep essential, but ensuring all operators are fully trained on meter testing practices and procedures is critical.

MARS Calibration Certification
MARS Accuracy Test Bench Recirculation System

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